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Toronto mayoral hopefuls must get behind candidate who can beat Chow

Olivia Chow is a lovely and charming woman.

There — I’ve said it.

But charm alone does not a mayor make.

Just look at what a pleasing smile in the Prime Minister’s Office has done to Canada.

And to top it off, Chow has no executive experience — none — and is a socialist to boot.

And if you think socialism works, you need to read some history.

The City of Toronto needs a strong mayor with his or her head screwed on right — to tackle the problems in the parks and on the streets brought on by a government-approved drug culture. To address a public transit system ravaged by the neglect brought on by the pandemic. To effect change that will provide the security from random crime on the streets that has infected and stifled the lives of ordinary law-abiding citizens.

The front-runner in the election campaign, Chow will not even make a start on these real threats to our good society. But the problem is that she appears headed for a win because the “regular “ voters, the citizens not driven by woke ideology, will be splitting their votes amongst several candidates.

So what is to be done?

The ballots are printed—candidates cannot drop off.

But those candidates can look in the mirror and decide that together they must throw their support behind whoever is the front-runner in the realist category.

From my assessment, Anthony Furey can fulfil the ticket.

He has the smarts, the conviction, and the common-sense approach that will go a long way to tackling the ills that are besetting Toronto.

He is not going to send social workers to crime scenes.

He also recognizes that there is not one answer to the insidious drug addict problem, but that this is a pressing issue that demands several options of tailored treatment by trained caregivers.

He will not choke our main thoroughfares with so many bike lanes that even emergency vehicles, much less people just trying to get around the city, cannot make their way through the congestion.

So all you candidates who have a genuine desire to help a city in distress, please do the honourable thing—you are not gonna win, so suck it up and help elect a mayor who will improve the city.

We cannot allow a community of tents and free drugs and unlawfulness.

Vote for a community of accomplishment and civility and respect for the law and each other.


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