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About Stephen LeDrew

Contrary to the strongly declared advice and predictions of the Establishment of the Natural Governing Party, he contested the Presidency of the Party, winning in 1998 and again in 2000. He served in that position longer than any other President.

Pouring thousands of hours into a volunteer job with no pay or favour, he and the 50-strong Executive eventually ran up against the close advisors to Prime Minister Chretien, who were firmly of the opinion that the Prime Minister was not obliged to follow the Constitution of the Liberal Party Of Canada, which required a vote on a leadership review.

LeDrew knew the law, and resolutely stuck to it, resulting in the Prime Minister resigning after 10 years of providing good government, rather than face a vote.


Popular with the rank and file, but definitely not with the elites, LeDrew again turned his full-time attention to his law practice in Toronto. Named one of the 10 Most Eligible Bachelors by Post Media after his first marriage ended, he enthusiastically remarried for another 17 years.

In addition to practising fatherhood and law, LeDrew co-hosted one of the most popular radio shows on CFRB —“Two Bald Guys with Strong Opinions”, continuing on to CP24, to host the most-watched public affairs show on TV-“Live at Noon”.


Fired for appearing on Fox TV, because it was considered the competition to CP24 in the opinion of now departed CTV Officials -- LeDrew created and now broadcasts the LeDrew Three Minute Interview.


This show has over 25,000 subscribers, with episodes reaching over 90,000 viewers.


An active father, cook, and broadcaster, LeDrew designs his own glasses and clothes, and is appreciative of vintage cars, boats and watches.

Stephen Ledrew

A Preacher’s Kid from the small Ontario town of Petrolia.

He was taught to work hard, to compete honestly and strongly, and to display good manners at all times. This was his goal, emphasized perhaps because of what his Grade Two teacher wrote to his parents in the yearly assessment -- “Stephen is a very aggressive little boy”.

Although his guidance counsellor in high school told him that he would never become a lawyer, LeDrew was called to the bar in 1980. He acted for captains of industry across Canada, as well as providing pro bono counsel for those in need of help.

Schooled by his father to make life better for people, LeDrew became involved in politics at all levels, eventually settling in at the Federal Liberal Party.


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